Taking to the Air

October 22, 2013  •  Leave a Comment



The task was to photograph 500 students standing in front of their school.  After the aircraft was prepped, Pittsburgh Air Control asked the pilot if he was sure he wanted to go because of the bad weather coming into the area.  We decided it was now or never with 500 waiting for us.  We climbed through the fog and clouds and it only cleared at 4,000 feet.   Fortunately, once we were over the target location, the clouds parted and the sun came through for the half hour window of the shoot.  This was a great surprise because we thought we would have to stay ay 4,000 feet with the clouds between us and the target.  As you can see, the photograph run was successful and we landed back at the airport just minutes before the storm hit us with rain and wind.

 My previous high photo shoot was 50 feet so it will be hard to beat this record, specially with my fear of open heights.  However, we are making plans to go again as soon as a client is ready for some great aerial photography. To purchase photos, click on the following  http://leephotogroup.zenfolio.com/stlair


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